August action

More than half way through August already?  Where has the time gone?  The HiH  project ends officially at the end of September but we launch the website at the beginning of the new semester a week or so earlier.  It’s all getting dreadfully close!

First the good news: we’ve just about completed (say 95%?) converting and checking the content from the ‘old’ repository for use in the new one.  What remains is a small collection of specialist objects that need rather more human intervention than most.  All this content is on our test/staging server and can simply be copied over to the production server in due course.

Second bit of good news: we have finally managed to have our pdfs full-text indexed into Solr.  So now, if you search for a term the repository software searches in the pdf files as well as in the metadata.

The bad news?  Well, not so much bad as disappointing, maybe. At launch we shall not have quite as many specialist page types as we might have hoped.  For now, some of our less common object types will be dealt with by a catch-all set of generic pages. The rest will come along later.

Oh… and we shouldn’t forget the long list of (mainly cosmetic) bugs that are still to deal with!

In the time we have left, the two major jobs to finish are providing functionality for management sets and for display collections (very similar code) and getting all the tools around OAI-PMH harvesting written and working.  We recently had to turn off the harvesting provision on our old repository because of memory problems with the ageing/ailing server; we urgently need to make this facility available again for the British Library and others (if the harvesting interface ever stopped, the first we knew of it was usually a complaint from Denmark!).

Well then, that looks like the home straight in front of us – time for a last burst of energy!


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