Summer update

I last updated this blog just before the Open Repositories 2011 conference.  OR11 was an excellent event and those of us lucky enough to attend got a great deal from it.  The several Hydra-related presentations were very well received, as was the ’24/7′ specifically detailing the work of ‘Hydrangea in Hull’.

Back at home the publicly visible site hasn’t quite materialised yet.  The server is up and running, the content isn’t! We are doing considerably more internal redesign and ‘plumbing’ than we had anticipated – all of which, we hope, will contribute to the improvement of the Hydra core code.  Unfortunately, we can’t sensibly convert our existing content until all this settles down and we know exactly what the structure of the converted objects should be.  The hold up at present is around the creation of different types of set (structural sets for management, display sets, others).  We hope we have come up with a way to allow easy creation and manipulation of new set types (temporary exhibition sets, teaching module sets – who knows?) that the original design would not easily have supported.  The new code is being written but we need to know that it all works as planned.  I said last time that June was going to be a busy month: it’s now clear that it will be a very, very busy summer!

In the absence of content on a public-facing server, I’ve attached a pdf showing a range of annotated screenshots taken from our development server behind the University firewall.  Not only do these show some of the views that a user will see but they also illustrate some of the basic admin functions.  Be aware that these admin pages are still under development and don’t represent the finished design.


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