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Alternative approach

May 28, 2011

Somehow it is the end of May (where do the months go?), so an update on progress.

The first thing we should share is a slight change in our approach.  Whereas we had intended completing most of a ‘read-only’ repository before starting on the creation and editing side of things we have taken the decision to run with them in parallel.  Work is essentially complete for display of several content types and we are well on the way with corresponding pages for the creation and subsequent QA for them.  Once we have the entire workflow sorted for these types, it should be relatively (?) quick to derive variants on them for our remaining material.

We hope to have a publicly accessible  testing server running in the next couple of weeks, at which point you will be able to see some of what has been going on.  In fact, the ‘server’ will be three virtual machines (essentially one for each of Fedora, Solr and Ruby) with the same configuration and optimisation as will be used for production.

Several of the team will be at the Open Repositories 2011 conference in Austin, Texas – which as I write is in about ten days’ time – where we shall be involved in meetings, a workshop and a presentation about the Hydra project generally and a specific ’24/7′ (maximum 24 slides in maximum 7 minutes) about the Hydrangea in Hull project.  One way and another it’s going to be another busy month.