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JISC startup meeting in Birmingham

March 3, 2011

Yesterday (2nd March 2011) was the startup meeting for the projects funded under the JISC’s 15/10 Repositories take-up and embedding call.  Representatives from the six successful projects, including Hydrangea in Hull, met in Birmingham for the day to get a feel for what each project was setting out to achieve and to see how we might help each other achieve it.  The Repositories Support Project were also there and will be offering their services.

The Hydrangea in Hull presentation can be downloaded here.  This was supposed to be delivered in a ten-minute slot – in the event it took about 12.  (Practice for an event at Open Repositories 2011 where we hope to contribute a presentation that has to be a maximum of 24 slides and seven minutes long – “24/7”.  That’s going to be a real challenge and, on yesterday’s experience, will need several practice runs!)